Devotional Music by Annie Henry

This page is about Annie's devotional songwriting, live performances, recordings & online tracks...

'Come to the Well' and 'Like a Candle' were written for specific worship, where they were first played. Annie was encouraged by friends to record them.

Annie hopes you enjoy listening to them and are moved to sing them too. They are available on iTunes...

2020 - Cannon Rev Nigel Marns commissioned Annie to compile a CD, 'Seven Songs' which is only available by emailing Annie:

If you have any comments Annie would love to hear from you. Please email

still we don't love by misician annie henry

Still We Don't Love

A melodic, haunting tune with finger style guitar accompanying vocals continuing my theme of reconciliation and peace with these lyrics: '...with love we'll make peace, and with love there will be no more war'.

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shine your light by musician annie henry

Shine Your Light

Annie wrote and recorded this song to be played as an opener for Sacred Circle Dancing. It welcomes people into the dance, and has a 'walking' rhythm making it easy for everyone to join in. The words 'Shine Your Light' echo at the end of each verse as we send out love and light to each other, and beyond the circle.

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feed me with your love by musician annie henry

Feed Me With Your Love

This is a prayer asking Jesus to feed us with his love and words to prepare us for the challenges of life. The violin solo played by Sue Aston leads us into meditation and a final verse of thanks.

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come to the well by misician annie henry

Come To The Well

This was written for a creative worship service called 'Jesus, the Water of Life', at Ludgvan Church. This song captures the essence of what it means to 'drink the water of life'. The catchy chorus is easy to sing along to.

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like a candle by misician annie henry

Like A Candle

This song was sung for the first time at Marazion Church, Cornwall at Candlemass. The verses tell the story of Jesus living on earth, calling us to him and how his resurrection gives hope and light to all people. The repetitive chorus draws us in to sing along.

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seven songs by musician annie henry

Seven Songs

7 songs to mark 7 years ministry in Mounts Bay United Benefice. - This album includes: Come To The Well, Like A Candle, Feed Me With Your Love, Other Mothers Sons, Still We Don't Love, Shine Your Light and St. Piran's Song.

This CD is only available by emailing Annie

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