About Annie Henry

Musician Composer Sculptor Artist


Annie was born in Wales in 1956. She started to play guitar and writing songs at school.

In the late 70s she played music full time in wine bars, clubs and at corporate functions.

Over the years Annie has played a variety of music solo, in duos and bands, including touring with Jamie Marshall Band in the late 80s, but has recently returned to her roots, songwriting and playing guitar at local sessions.

As a child, Annie always enjoyed making art. Her grandfather was a photographer and painter, and used to sit for hours drawing with her. He had a dark room where he developed his images and she was fascinated by the mystery of it all.

Annie began working with clay soon after her youngest child, Andrew, was born in 1991. Attending life classes, she learned about proportion and developed her own figurative style. Her sculptures express her emotions and she works through the challenges of life through the clay. Hand building the large angels is a meditative process.

In 2002, Annie moved her studio from London to Cornwall. She met Geraldine Jones, basket-maker and willow-worker, and they collaborated creating beautiful angels.

Labyrinths have fascinated Annie for many years and she enjoys creating new designs and developing them through her artwork. She is often seen on the beach with her rake drawing a labyrinth. The finished labyrinth is usually photographed and posted on Facebook inviting people to come along and walk it, or sometimes left as a gift for those passing by.

annie henry making a labyrinth on the beach
Annie Drawing A Labyrinth On The Beach

A fun little video, which was filmed on Perranuthnoe beach.
By Sue Aston Music

A few years ago Annie began exploring colour through textiles and painting on different surfaces. She moved to Botallack in May 2020 with her husband Martin Holland and is enjoying a more spacious studio environment. In her spare time Annie is creating a Quiet Garden around her home.

Annie Henry at Botallack

You can view Annies art and sculpture work and also Martin Hollands photography at their gallery in Truthwall, St Just called Tremorran And The Angel Gallery.

annie henry musician cornwall


annie henry with st hilary sculpture cornwall


workshop in progress cornwall